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Centre of economy, shifting from west to east – Hongkong, Macau Tour Packages from Gujarat
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It is much talked by economist around world about that money is moving from, West to East. It is said that by 2030 China would overtake USA in all economic parameters. We don’t know whether that will happen or not, but it has really happened in Gambling. We all know Las Vegas was ones the biggest Gambling hub on this Earth.


Las Vegas, Nevada


But today Macau has overtaken Las Vegas. Macau has almost 40 casinos, more than one per 1km.

Venerian macau, Hong Kong Tour Packages From India

Venetican Macau


The chart, reproduced from The Economist, shows betting revenues in the top gambling destination worldwide.



Macau is ahead on revenue by a considerable distance and easily tops list for dollars spent per visitor.


Macau money: This chart – taken from The Economist – shows how much more revenue Macau makes compared to Las Vegas.


On average, gamblers lay down $1,354 in Macau casinos compared to just $156 in Las Vegas.



The reason for this is the coming together of two factors – the rapid expansion of China’s wealthy middle and moneyed classes, and that country’s insatiable appetite for a flutter. Macau is the only part of the vast country in which gambling is legal. Macau is known worldwide as “Monte Carlo of Orient” as the economy relies heavily on gambling.


Between 2008 and 2012, Macau’s gambling revenues grew by a whopping 29 %  a year on average.


Macau is predicted by experts to become the first $100billion gambling market thanks to improved links to the Chinese mainland – including a planned 30 mile road bridge connecting it to it’s sister Hong Kong – as well as capacity expansion at border-control to reduce waiting times to enter.


Macau has 33 casinos of which biggest is Venetian Macau.


Waterway emulating Venice at the Venetian Macau


23 casinos are located on Macau Peninsula & 10 on Taipa Island. Some of big and famous casino’s are

·         Casino Lisboa

·         Wynn Casino

·         Sands Casino

·         The Galaxy

·         The MGM

image 5 galaxy-macau

The Galaxy Casino

image 6 MGM

The MGM Casino

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